Saturday, October 03, 2009

I'm still alive!!

Yes I am!!....sorry about the long hiatus. Been busy packing up and moving across cities(bangalore to mumbai to be precise). Add to it your usual dash of lectures, presentations, sightseeing and one monster of a project!
So we finally drove down to Mumbai from Bangalore as planned and the rain gods have been kind to us. Found a place and settled in. Its been a lot of fun doing the usual lectures and presentations across the country. Had a really good time specifically at Anifest and at my lecture on "Digital Art and Literature"(who woulda thunk it!) at the University of Kannur in Kerela. To think of it, I've probably done this 4-5 times a month since March 09!
We're not all play and no work though. Moving into my new role as a creative consultant/vfx supervisor, my first project took off earlier this month. Its a 60 sec commercial with a cute little cg character. I'm hoping to disclose more and put up the video here soon! Project wraps in a few more days!:)
And just so that this post isnt visual-free, here a quick 2 hour sculpt I did as cover art for August's modeling challenge on CGTantra.

Thats sums up my last few months. C'yall with more updates soon!!


Minnie said...

hai vivek,read your interview for Hindu "A self-made artist in animation industry ".congrats.May god bless you n shower u with lots of awards,laurels etc, as you deserve every bit of it

viraj said...

the superman artwork was fantastic