Friday, June 19, 2009

One more ...Radar?

Another quick sketch from my sketchbook that i wanted to see 3d-ised. First name that popped up in my head was "Radar":)


Rahul said... is looking good man.I am only concern about that.How he will see it....Those spheres are smell sensors?

Naveen Vishal said...

Image not visible dude.....

V said...

yeah...the spheres are like multiple eyes.:)

sorry about image problems....picassa issues....image is back up!

abhishek singh said...

absolutely beautiful work !!
love the out of the"swamp" post

vijay amarnath said...

thanks for the comment n my blog ..& u r works r amazing

Wibin Ayinikat said...

I am in love with this creature :P
especially the horms which u made that looks slick :) hehehe but vivek tell me something why did u name him "Radar" i didnt get that yet ? :(

as i always say u always shows us your promising artworks :)