Monday, September 22, 2008


and i've finally found some time between all my colds, flus, body aches, travelling and whining, to get started on the one piece i've been wanting to work on for a long can see a rough sketch of this on my sketch blog.
Everything is still realllly early on this....have a lot of work left.....hope u like:)
On looking at it again, i realise that the pose isnt clear without background elements. Hes supposed to be in mid-air enjoying the "take-off"....(damn I should've painted in a background!!)
p.s. sketch blog to be updated soon!...just been lazy....and tired.:(


Mohammed anuz said...

The overall volume looks good so far.

vjarumugam said...

dai macha! finally your sketches are taking forms now.... this one looks really promising da. liked the volume of the torso and the legs...waiting to see more....all i know is that its gonna be an awesome piece mach!

MaHesH said...

Hi Vivek, Extremely nice blog you have.. Anatomy here is extraordinary.. what a details it has..
and thank you for your comment on my blog..

Shreya said...

Wooohooo a new one. Sometimes I think you do Hanuman figures because you like all the controversy, hahah( you know what I'm talking about).
Ok now for the image.I know it's early but some things to look out for: His nose seems a tad pinched to me, the bridge of it. Mostly just a design thing when compared to the bulk of the face but I guess it could also be something to do with the angle? Pose a profile na. Second, the way he is holding the log doesn't seem very convincing, I think some cracks, depressions in the log's surface where the fingers are would help. That or changing the way he holds the log, perhaps with th palm facing upwards and the log resting on the wrist/palm? The hip/thigh curve on the right side looks a bit wonky too (and with the waistcloth floating above the surface).
I've so missed nitpicking your works! Heehee. And I miss our coffee sketch sessions.

R.Kamal said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello sir,
This pose is excellent for your theme.
I also have started making concept arts. I have made one on Gandhiji which will be displayed in an art exhibition. Your comment will be highly motivating for me.