Tuesday, July 15, 2008

AAAAAnd we're back!

just got back from my 6 week US trip last week and its been fun. The campus is awesome, the people were fun, all in all , I had a great time. The flight was a bitch but then again, thank the lord I'm not an insomniac!
Pictures to sum it up.....well not really sum it up but more like points of the trip for me at least:)

Horse riding with the team. This was a great start to the 6 weeks!

got my name in the credits for the new "Incredible Hulk" movie and having this picture taken outside the theater soooo made the trip worth it!

San fransisco with my bud Sudesh and the golden gate bridge in the background......the weather was the bomb!

Lunch with the RnH gang.

ok...so i didnt really capture everything!:D
There should be one more pic here for my Sandiego trip but i guess i'll have to wait to get that one.

Back home. Getting the mood right to get started with a new piece and finish off some old ones. This is what my workspace at home looks like now.

And 3 of my prized possessions picked up during my trip!

So I'm not the most photographic person(if thats a word) around(and yes Aayush, i did steal some pics from your album!:)) I'll put up links to flickr and picassa pages of all my friends to sum up my trip.I'll be updating this same post for those. So watch this space!
Some work coming up real soon:)


Prats said...

Looks like you've been having a great time...that was a neat one with the HUlk...
Wish you'd put up more pictures....kanjoos!!

Love your workspace...now it looks all so ready to start....whats on next????

Manoj said...

Cool! Great to hear you had a good time! And looks like you have been really stuffing yourself

Suma said...

how about........photogenic?


great snaps...esp the prized possessions...there's a lithe spiderman on my son's desk...i'll respect it more now...

Joy said...

Great you are back. Sai was getting bored without you ;) ;) Hey you went to San Diego? That's where my bro lives. Thats a cool pic with the Hulk. Good to know that you had a great time.

Suma, I can't stop laughing at your spiderman comment :) :)

Tys on Ice said...

i really have to go and see the incredible hulk...even dreamt abt it last nite...( need to get a life)...welcome back...why does hell boy have chicken legs?...

abhishek singh said...

lovely stuff here v ..
sum of the best i've seen of 3d ..
keep sculpting

Eau de Vie said...

Welcome back Viv! :) So glad you had a blast!! :D Tons of things happening on the work/study/livin front for me as well.. shall update you with everything soon enough...{hugs}


V said...

prats: and starting is happening.....something should be up soon!:)

manoj: heheh..thanks....i hope that doesnt last!

suma: thanks....just what my mom said..."we shouldnt have thrown all those toys u had away":)....ur son will thank me!

joy: thanks!...well i was in SD for just a day.....maybe next time I'll take contact info

tys: its a good action flick...dont go looking for a story:)....and wait for my name;).......hellboy is what we call "stylised":)

abhishek: huge compliment coming from u....big fan of ur work!...i should get that aramugam to have a getogether:)

eu de vie: thanks....waiting to hear back from u soon:)

Dewi Junita Farisman said...

WAW....aku gak ngerti banyak b.inggris
tp keren lah :0