Thursday, March 27, 2008

The legend of Ram

Jai Sri Ram!
So finally after a really long spell of silence, I have some work on this blog.
This is a WIP(work in Progress) of an illustration of Sri Ram that i'm currently working on.
the first image is just a test render i was playin around with.
For those new to Indian mythology, Sri Ram is the warrior hero of the Indian epic , "Ramayana".
He is also deeply revered as a God by Hindus all over the world.
I'm hoping to finish this illustration sometime this month. Still a lot to do, and the process only gets slower when the subject is so close to heart!
the shader for the zbrush screenshots are from Arran Lewis and the test render shader is from Marc Mordelet. A big thanks to both of them!
P.s. In other news...a change of job and city is on the cards!:)


Digital3d said...

WOW bro it's really awesome. I like the muscles and the pose of Shri Ram.

Can't wait to see the full update.

And where is your tutorial of Merman Elite?

Ziah said...

Woohooo!:) Awesome-ness! I love the way the age of the character blends in so beautifully with the overall physique... he looks believably fit and yet middle-aged!:) Kudos!:)

Prats said...

Some amazing work here. He's going to be one hot man!! once his accessories come in....

The face is spot on....terrific detailing i'll have to wait patiently i'm sure to see him evolve :d

Harsha Kumar said...

This one is my desktop wallpaper already.. Can't wait to see the final turnaround! :)

Minnie said...

hey Ram,
superb work,Ram looks like greek god and it is interesting to look at Rama in this picture emote and very original of a boy genius.

bog_art said...

Did you worked all in zbrush!!??.. I can't wait to see it finished!!

Joy said...

He looks good and work is wonderful. I am assuming you need to work on his crown and eyes.

Congratulations on your way for a new job and city :)

Tys on Ice said...

now, thats my kinda god.

real cool...they shud merchandize our gods....iam copyrighting Bhim :)

Yiannis said...

Hey Vivek!!! that's awesome can't wait to see this finished!!!

~SuPeRnOvA~ said...


you're ridiculously talented! cheers!

V said...

digital3d: thankyou:)....i'll try and get that merman tutorial out soon:)

ziah: thankyou....i guess what i was shooting for did come across!

prats: thankyou....will have an update real soon:)

harsha: already!....i hope the final lives up to the expectation:)

minnie: thankyou!

bog:base model in all zbrushed..

joy: yes this is still work in progress......lots to be done!

tys: hahaha...i'm glad we cant copyright our gods....i would lose out on so much material otherwise!

yiannis: thanks for stopping by!....i'll have an update soon:)

supernova: more reason for u to frequent this place:)...and thanks:)

Vikram said...

Dude good job , but why not let him have a presentable face ??
I mean he looks down right ugly :)

Atul said...

superb modeling.....

THOMAS K V said...

hey Vivek,

it is very good work with quality and sheer finishing.