Wednesday, May 23, 2007

a long standing I O U.

This was promised as a favor to my colleague, Vinayak, a long time ago so that he could get it rigged and do a couple of short animation gags with it. All credits for the design go to him. You can see more of his designs here..

This was a lot of fun and a welcome break from realistic modeling. It was also nice to bring in form and anatomy into such a simple design.
The colored version is just simple colors slapped on to a standard fancy textures.
The rig was also something really simple to pose the model(just to show it off better) with no post corrections. The actual animatable rig is gonna be done by another friend.
Thanks for all the patience Vinayak!:)


prats said...

Brilliant. Now I know what took u scurrying home to finish this everyday. Very refreshing from your previous characters, where exaggeration was the theme. This looks good, and the poses and expressions have come out very well.

bhavika said...

looking really nice yaar!!

Vivek Ram said...

i'm plannin to do a couple of more pieces in this style....and yeah...its kinda refreshing to do something that not the norm for me:)

lidwin said...

wow!thats a real deviation from your otherwise so detailed models.nice to see you coming out with something that looks so simple and yet so cute!

viraj said...

great model