Thursday, September 28, 2006


Its about time!!...
I've seen a lot of colleagues set up their own blogs and I've been putting off my website for a long time now so I figured...why not!!
so here it is.....i make no promise of any constant work but I'm hoping i get time off to keep practising and do some personal work.

To start with, I'm putting up some of my old work.Stuff done around January-March. lost most of my work after that and a lot of recent ones when my hard disk crashed so this is what i could salvage from forums that i keep posting on.
The last image is a painting done in photoshop in the days when the wacom hadnt replaced the mouse! All the others were made in 3dsmax.
Thanks for stopping by!


rohit said...

Your work is always awesome man.
Keep good modeling. I glad to be your friend .....

serkan said...

wow this is incredible vivek.. love all your character.. so much detail added along the designs.. i was going to say, you should work for movies, but you already do!